Bam, scamper, crash…waking up to these noises often causes one to think that the house is being robbed.  We were no different, however, this was no robbery.  It was a party!

Turns out that the local troop of capuchin monkeys love to hang out on the rooftop deck of the house we rented for Barkarica.  They would swing in the hammocks, knock over chairs, and just generally cause a ruckus.  It. Was. Awesome.

Barkarica was certainly an out-of-this-world experience. 

If you haven’t heard of the Barkas, it is a different breed of pet photography workshop hosted by myself- Nicole Begley Photography, Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography, and Charlotte Reeves of Learn Pet Photography and Charlotte Reeves Photography.  We hosted our first workshop, Barkelona, in April of 2016 in an incredible Catalonian manor house about an hour outside of Barcelona. 

In February of 2017, we were seeking the sun in the ecological playground of Costa Rica for Barkarica.  We were joined by 22 students from all corners of the globe over the two workshops.  In fact, 10 of those students had also attended Barkelona, which made Barkarica feel like a family reunion!  A family reunion with your crazy extended family that parties on the rooftop, breaks glasses, and is a bit hairy and uncouth. 

P.S. – the hairy party animals were the roving troops of howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, and our capuchin friends!

While the locations of each retreat have been vastly different, some things have remained the same.  We have stayed in beautiful homes that are out of the pages of Architectural Digest.  We have had an incredible chef that creates the most mouth watering food.  We have gained 5 pounds from said food.  (worth it)  We have photographed adorable puppies in magical locations.  We have made plans to take our businesses to new levels and I have watched before my eyes, like a proud mama bear, as our students make astronomical strides in their art, their business, and their profits.

However, I must say, the best outcome is that every single one of us has made friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.  There are mini-barka shooting groups getting together to play and even barka alumni traveling together to far-flung locals. 

We are truly a Barka family and even when miles separate us there is something magical that happens to your soul when you connect with your people. 

Here is a highlight video put together by Kaylee and Sam of Dog Breath Photography:

We are over the moon excited to announce the next installment in the Barka retreats – Barkjour! 

We are headed to the Provence region in Southern France and staying in a home that is really indescribable.   All of the details are available now and registration opens on Monday, April 3rd at 4:30 PM Eastern. 

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