Seriously, you guys, each month this top ten decision becomes more and more challenging!  Gorgeous work everyone!  I’m so proud to see the bar of pet photography continuing to be raised.  Keep up the great work and congratulations to our Top Ten!

Barkography by Kim Hollis

Penelope Malby Photography

Hoof N Paw Photography

Kristen Vallego Photography

Jessica Giguére Photographe

Holly Hildreth Photography

Wet Nose Images

Phido Photography

The Labs & Co.

Jess Bell Photography

If you are a Top Ten winner from this month, or previously, you can now download a Top Ten Winner button to display on your website here.  

Join us for March’s Top Ten Challenge in the Hair of the Dog Community Facebook group.   You will be approved if you have a photography business attached to your personal Facebook profile.  I do occasionally miss that, so if I’m not approving you just reach out and ask!   If you do not have a business attached to your page, please contact me and introduce yourself so I know to approve you.  Professionals and amateurs are welcome!  I need to do this as none of us want to be sold hair products in our pet photography group!  Thanks for understanding.

The theme for March is Ears.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve got!