Sometimes there are images that are worth the extra time.  In my opinion, this is one of them.  I tagged along with my husband to a conference that he had and I met my friend Kelly, from Sweet Silver Photography, with her pup Blue at the angel wings mural in Nashville.  Blue struck a pose as all good dogs belonging to a pet photographer do, complete with his bow tie.


Here is my straight out of camera image (SOOC) –

Here is the image that I took to merge with the original and paint Kelly out –

Turns out I created a couple of pretty critical errors in capturing this source image.  #1 – I moved.  Just a little, but it changed my perspective.  #2 – My focus moved from where the dog was to the actual wall!  Oops!  This is one of the biggest reasons that I like to shoot with Back Button Focus (or BFF).  It allows me to keep the focal plane exactly where it was from a previous image simply by not refocusing.  This isn’t possible with factory settings since your focus is set when pressing your shutter half way down.

Despite those challenges, I really loved Blue’s pose and thought that this image would be worth the work.  I also thought it would be a great edit to record for you!  Grab some popcorn as the video is almost 30 minutes long, but I think you will find it beneficial.  Enjoy!

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