How was your 2017? Whether it was successful beyond your wildest dreams, disappointing, or somewhere in between…2018 is knocking on the door.

In order for 2018 to be a year that makes your heart explode with gratitude for the success that you had – it’s critical that you start with a plan.

Too many people in life just go through the motions. They wake up…go to work…watch tv…go to bed unfulfilled and do it all again the next day – living for the weekend and their two weeks of vacation. 

In my opinion – that is no way to live. 

Since you are reading this blog post – something tells me that you aren’t content to live as 95% of the developed world lives.

You are no longer content to go through the motions of what is ‘expected’ but would rather take a stab at following your heart and building the life of your dreams.

Let’s walk through 3 simple steps to set our 2018 up for massive success…together – through focused direction and massive action.

Step 1:  Define what a successful year looks like.  Pretend it’s December 31, 2018.  What has happened this year that makes you want to jump up and down and scream like a kid in the candy store (or me in a chocolate martini bar)?

Step 2:  What did you DO in 2018 to create this success?  What did you have to do differently from years past?

Step 3:  What did you NOT DO in 2018 to help create this success?  What did you let go of?

Will you show me yours if I show you mine?  hee hee.  Truly though, I would love if you shared some of your actions here.  It makes it real and your subconscious will set out on a mission to make it happen.

For me, an incredible 2018 includes a relaunch of an updated Post-Processing for Pet Photographers Course and Business of Pet Photography Course…both of which are open for enrollment until December 31st!  Also critical in my fabulous 2018 is completely revamping my photography business and streamlining new systems for both sides of my business.

My step #2 includes (oh boy…this is scary) hiring some help in my business.  There is just no way that I can possibly do all of this on my own.  I’m working through some of my limiting beliefs and mental blocks that I have in committing to hiring help.

Step #3 involves me letting go of my feeling that adding an employee makes my business more complicated.  That is simply my ego, a deep voice inside my head that is afraid of change.  Step #3 forces me to step outside of my comfort zone to a new normal…a new normal in which I have the mental bandwidth to work on content creation and the important pieces of my business that only I can do….not so much of the busy work.

So that’s it.  This is me all vulnerable and sharing some big steps for me this year.  Thank you for listening and being my accountability partner to make sure that this really happens!  Don’t forget that now it’s your turn!  Share in the comments or in the Hair of the Dog Facebook group what your 3 steps will be in 2018.