“How do I get more clients?”  That is THE SINGLE most asked question in the photography industry.

While it’s still essential to have the pillars of your business in great shape: website, client experience and education, pricing, and the work itself…even if ALL of those things are top notch most of us mere mortals still have to put on our marketing cap to drum up new clients.

I sure have a treat for you.  Kirstie McConnell of Bitsa Bernard Photography (link: http://bitsabernard.com.au/) in beautiful Adelaide, Australia took the time to chat with me to pull back the cover on an INCREDIBLE marketing promotion that she recently completed.

How does 400 new leads, 25 new clients on your books, and $7500 profit in the first week of shoots alone sound?

Oh, that sounds good?  Well, give yourself 20 minutes and take a listen…


If you would like to be considered for Kirstie’s Test Squad — just go here!