Raise your hand if you’ve ever been trapped in a perpetual state of stuck.  🙋‍♀️

I’ve discovered that this is a regular state for me and most recently been caused by being completely overwhelmed with trying to come up with the perfect Instagram “strategy”.  Every week, I say “this is the week I create a strategy and start posting”….another week goes by with me wasting far too much time down internet rabbit holes because that’s EASIER than making a decision!

The issue is that I am trapped in my state of perpetual stuck because I procrastinate on the things that I REALLY need to be doing….and today I realized what the common thread is that keeps me stuck in a procrastination loop….

It’s when I don’t have ALL OF THE ANSWERS.

It’s when something doesn’t have a clear path.  It’s when I’m not sure what my path should look like.  So instead of just rolling up my sleeves, digging in and trusting that the path will appear…..I get lost in looking at blogs of families who travel the world full time.  ✈️🌎🙊

I become afraid to take action because I don’t know if it’s the RIGHT action.  Can any of you relate? 

And just for the record, we aren’t talking life altering decisions like should I start a family – should I move my family to Charlotte NC – should I allow my daughter to start dating when she’s 16 or make her wait until 37?  Those decisions are pretty easy for me.  I can be decisive when the rubber meets the road.  Hell, we bought all of our houses after looking for only one day.  We are a realtors’ dream client!

The nonsense that trips me up?  “What should my Instagram strategy be?”

Seriously, I haven’t taken action on this item for 9 months because I’m scared of doing it wrong and I don’t have a map.  WTF?!?!  What’s the worst thing that happens if I choose incorrectly here?  I have an Instagram feed that looks a bit disjointed?

Guess what’s worse?  Doing NOTHING!

So this is my new mantra – “All I need is the first action.”

If all I need is the first action – I don’t spend weeks overcomplicating and overanalyzing something.  I don’t see 8,000 possible roads to get me there and freeze like a deer in the headlights.  I don’t get hung up on PERFECT action.

If I can just GET STARTED – the path will appear.  Sure, I may change direction on that path a few times – but at least I’m ON THE PATH!

Imperfect action beats perfect inaction.

So, this is a call to arms for all of my fellow “control enthusiasts” – TAKE ACTION TODAY.

One step – just that FIRST action.

These aren’t life and death decisions.  If it is, then I allow you to get hung up for a little while….but genuinely, 99.99% of the decisions that we make are reversible and adjustable.  And quite honestly – they aren’t that important considering that gravity is holding us onto the side of a spinning rock with a core of fire that is rocketing through space at 1,000 mph in a solar system that is a tiny speck in a galaxy with 200 billion stars in a universe with over 100 billion galaxies.   

Deciding how to manage that Instagram feed doesn’t seem so big after all, right?

What is it that you have been scared to tackle?  What are you going to take that first step of perfectly imperfect action towards?