Dog Photography Workshop with Andreas Romijn

The one and only Andreas Romijn is joining forces with me in Charlotte, NC in September of 2019.  

Andreas Romijn is an enthusiastic and self-driven dog photographer from The Netherlands. With his wide knowledge about dog behavior, he effortlessly connects with dogs capturing portraits that are authentic and full of personality. Andreas skills working with studio lighting he creates extraordinary photographic artwork for his private and commercial clientele.

The focus of this workshop is to educate aspiring pet photographers how to create studio fine-art dog portraits. It is advised that the participants have a basic understanding of how to use your SLR digital camera and the relationship between shutter speed, ISO and aperture. The instructor will be teaching and giving demonstrations. Each student will have the opportunity to individually work with and photograph dog models.

The workshop will cover:

  • Understanding the behavior of dogs
  • Signals of stress & body language
  • The importance of patience and respect
  • The challenges faced when photographing dogs – behavior, fur color & coat
  • Andreas methods for a successful stress-free session
  • How to engage the dog during the session and capturing expression
  • How to photograph using strobes and light modifiers
  • Camera settings
  • Strobe lighting set-ups
  • How and what light modifiers work best
  • Basic post-processing, they don´t need that much!

I will also be teaching a day of business, helping you learn to properly price and sell your work – as well as finding clients to sell that work too!

He will also be teaching a workshop in Dallas and Chicago around the same time, those workshops will be a bit different as they won’t have the business component.  That will only be in Charlotte, NC.

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