Quite simply, it’s a roadmap – with turn-by-turn navigation and support.  It’s access to all three of the signature Hair of the Dog courses – along with oodles of extra accountability and guidance.  Here’s what’s included:

This is the ultimate business training for pet photographers.  You can be the best pet photographer in the whole world and still not make any money – but if you can produce technically correct and engaging images you can be quite profitable. The way you run your business is directly tied to revenue. Master the business of pet photography, and you’ll measure the results in real profits. 

This course has been designed specifically for pet photographers and carefully curated to take you step-by-step through Lightroom and the most relevant aspects of Photoshop.  That means no more time wasted sifting through hours of tedious YouTube videos or combing through random blog posts that were created for portrait or wedding photographers.  Get ALL the info every pet photographer needs on tap, anytime.

Instagram Strategy for pet photographers by Instagram expert, Tori Mistick.  Are you overwhelmed with trying to unlock an Instagram strategy for your business?  Do you post randomly and often think to yourself, does this really matter?  Are you often at a loss to even think about WHAT to post?  Do you want to start using your Instagram with intention and as a way to connect in your local market?  Instagram for Pet Photographers will show you how! 

Created by Master Photographer Kim Hartz, Pet Photography EDU is a full-blown course on the art of pet photography.  Kim covers everything from working with dogs to shooting in various situations – on-location natural light, on-location with a strobe, in-studio with strobes, and in a client’s home with natural light.  If you are looking to improve your craft this is a great place to start!

Each month a new guest artist will let us go behind the camera to share the creation of an image from SOOC (straight out of camera) to the final edited image – while sharing each step along the way.  This is an incredible opportunity to learn editing techniques directly from the industry’s best pet photographers.  This is how you start to create your own style – learning from many and mixing and matching techniques until you have created something uniquely yours!

Looking for feedback on your images?  Look no further than the Critique Corner with Charlotte Reeves.  If you don’t know Charlotte, she is an incredible pet photographer based in Brisbane, Australia, creator of RealShoots, and has recently been honored as Queensland Photographer of the Year.  She is a master at breaking down and teaching the technical as well as offering suggestions on how to make your images more impactful.  Simply use the member’s only form to upload an anonymous image of your choice and once a month Charlotte will create a screencast delivering feedback on all submitted images which will be posted inside of the membership.

Laser coaching is a weekly opportunity to dive deeper into an area of your craft or business.  All students can submit their questions for laser coaching and those selected to join Nicole in a weekly 15-minute 1:1 video conference.  Each laser coaching session will be recorded and uploaded into the Academy so that all students can learn from the conversation.  This is an incredibly valuable piece of the membership and you will be able to gain a ton of actionable information by listening to these calls.

Office Hours is a LIVE monthly coaching call with Nicole – and your chance to ask ANY QUESTIONS that you have about your business or craft.  The schedule of the coaching calls will move around to help to accommodate students in various time zones – but your questions can be submitted ahead of time and the office hours will always be recorded and posted in the Academy so that you never have to miss one!

Let me tell you…this group is all kinds of wonderful! Join us as we share what we are learning each week and ask for assistance from a group of inspiring and motivated pet photographers in our members-only Facebook group. I’m also very active in this group – as well as a few extra special coaches, helping everyone move their business forward and improve their craft!

Enrollment is currently closed.

Drop your contact information below to be notified of when the doors open again!


Enrollment is currently closed.

Drop your contact information below to be notified of when the doors open again!

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