Are you ready to get off of the overwhelm treadmill and start following a proven path to building the pet photography business that you desire?

Whether you are hoping to start your pet photography business, or if you have already started it, the one thing that I hear AGAIN and AGAIN is that you are struggling. 


Are you slaving away spending far too many hours inside Lightroom and Photoshop – and still not creating the images that you wan?  Maybe you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of details and number of decisions that need to be made when starting a business.  Do you have a business but struggle to earn a four-figure average sale?  What about your clients?  Are you hustling to get a steady stream of qualified clients into your business but your calendar is still too empty?  

These are all common frustrations when building and running a pet photography business…but help is here.

I get it.  Running a photography business can be exhausting!  Your attention is pulled in 8,000 different directions each day and you just aren’t sure which tasks will actually produce paying clients! 

You’re not alone.  However, please don’t fret, there is hope!  It is absolutely possible to design a business that allows you to work less and earn more.  A six-figure photography business is only 50 clients a year at a $2,000 average!  That is less than one client a week!

I’m Nicole and I have a passion for helping pet photographers create a life that is full of doggie kisses, clients that you want to meet for happy hour, and a steady paycheck in the bank.  After creating a six-figure photography business of my own in less than two short years, I realized how many talented photographers were struggling to get their business off the ground…even 4 or 5 years into their business. 

…and I wanted to help.  I’ve now taken all 3 of my flagship courses – as well as lots of additional content and support – and rolled them up into one membership.  The best part about this?  The membership allows me to help so many more struggling pet photographers – at a price point that is just over $1/day.  You can do this.  I can help.


Quite simply, it’s a roadmap – with turn-by-turn navigation and support.  It’s access to all three of the signature Hair of the Dog courses – along with oodles of extra accountability and guidance.  Here’s what’s included:

This is the ultimate business training for pet photographers.  You can be the best pet photographer in the whole world and still not make any money – but if you can produce technically correct and engaging images you can be quite profitable. The way you run your business is directly tied to revenue. Master the business of pet photography, and you’ll measure the results in real profits. 

This course has been designed specifically for pet photographers and carefully curated to take you step-by-step through Lightroom and the most relevant aspects of Photoshop.  That means no more time wasted sifting through hours of tedious YouTube videos or combing through random blog posts that were created for portrait or wedding photographers.  Get ALL the info every pet photographer needs on tap, anytime.

Instagram Strategy for pet photographers by Instagram expert, Tori Mistick.  Are you overwhelmed with trying to unlock an Instagram strategy for your business?  Do you post randomly and often think to yourself, does this really matter?  Are you often at a loss to even think about WHAT to post?  Do you want to start using your Instagram with intention and as a way to connect in your local market?  Instagram for Pet Photographers will show you how! 

Each month a new guest artist will let us go behind the camera to share the creation of an image from SOOC (straight out of camera) to the final edited image – while sharing each step along the way.  This is an incredible opportunity to learn editing techniques directly from the industry’s best pet photographers.  This is how you start to create your own style – learning from many and mixing and matching techniques until you have created something uniquely yours!

Looking for feedback on your images?  Look no further than the Critique Corner with Charlotte Reeves.  If you don’t know Charlotte, she is an incredible pet photographer based in Brisbane, Australia, creator of RealShoots, and has recently been honored as Queensland Photographer of the Year.  She is a master at breaking down and teaching the technical as well as offering suggestions on how to make your images more impactful.  Simply use the member’s only form to upload an anonymous image of your choice and once a month Charlotte will create a screencast delivering feedback on all submitted images which will be posted inside of the membership.

Laser coaching is a weekly opportunity to dive deeper into an area of your craft or business.  All students can submit their questions for laser coaching and those selected to join Nicole in a weekly 15-minute 1:1 video conference.  Each laser coaching session will be recorded and uploaded into the Academy so that all students can learn from the conversation.  This is an incredibly valuable piece of the membership and you will be able to gain a ton of actionable information by listening to these calls.

Office Hours is a LIVE monthly coaching call with Nicole – and your chance to ask ANY QUESTIONS that you have about your business or craft.  The schedule of the coaching calls will move around to help to accommodate students in various time zones – but your questions can be submitted ahead of time and the office hours will always be recorded and posted in the Academy so that you never have to miss one!

In addition to all of the resources already listed, the following Hair of the Dog coaches will be active inside of the community:  Charlotte Reeves – technical advisor and critique coordinator, Heather Lahtinen – resident editing ninja and productivity mentor, Tori Mistick – Instagram expert.  To help give you a little extra incentive, we will be running quarterly challenges and contests too!

Let me tell you…this group is all kinds of wonderful! Join us as we share what we are learning each week and ask for assistance from a group of inspiring and motivated pet photographers in our members-only Facebook group. I’m also very active in this group – as well as a few extra special coaches, helping everyone move their business forward and improve their craft!


Pet Photography EDU, a full-blown course on the art of pet photography, is now part of the Hair of the Dog Academy!  This course was created by Master Photographer Kim Hartz of Kim Hartz Photography in Houston, TX.  She covers everything from working with dogs to shooting in many different lighting situations – on-location natural light, on-location with a strobe, in-studio with strobes, and in a client’s home with natural light.  


Your secret special invitation to join us expires at 11:59pm Eastern on Thursday, August 8th.

The depth of material covered in this program is truly astounding! 

I’ve taken many workshops and courses over the years, and I hold an advanced degree in marketing and international business, so I wasn’t sure how much I’d get out of it. But I was truly humbled. Nicole does not hold anything back. I bought one notebook, filled it. Bought a larger notebook, filled it! The weekly conference calls and FB group, as well as the course materials, are amazing! The course gives you a blueprint that covers every conceivable thing you need to know to build a pet photography business. Nicole is a wonderful teacher who really knows her stuff! I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending this course to anyone who wants to learn exciting new ways to market what they currently have. 

Kim Stines

Fetching Foto Photography

Implementing all I learned from this course I grossed $20,000 in my first year from just 7 clients! Year 2, I doubled my sales, and year 3 is looking even better with several sales already over $5,000 each! 

Nicole is a talented photographer and a savvy business owner. She provides incredible value in her course with proven business strategies, workflow time-savers, templates, marketing techniques, and more. I refer to my course notes often. Nicole is an open book who provides continued support through the private Facebook group and office hours, and updates the course content regularly.

Thanks to Nicole my part-time photography business is profitable and attracting ideal clients. Before working with Nicole, I was planning to run a shoot-and-burn business model, but she steered me towards creating a boutique business where I could earn more while working less.  

Megan Murray

Megan Murray Photography

Together we can…

  • Determine what success looks like for YOU.
  • Master your craft like a BOSS.
  • Edit with intention and speed.
  • Create a business model that’s profitable AND sustainable.
  • Build business systems that free up your time to do things you love.
  • Attract the type of clients that make work fun.
  • Turn those clients into raving fans.
  • Raise your rates and fill your calendar!

I was close to calling it quits until I signed up for the Business of Pet Photography online course!

When I decided to take my dog photography full time I scoured the internet, books, and YouTube looking for the information I needed, but I couldn’t find anything about running a pet photography business. It was frustrating and costly. I was close to calling it quits until I signed up for the Business of Pet Photography online course. In no time I was making price sheets that I was happy with and learning new marketing techniques that work. The ability to talk to Nicole live during Office Hours was priceless. I cannot recommend the Business of Pet Photography enough. Nicole has a gift of teaching and sharing, she holds nothing back, and she’s built the best online community for pet photographers.

Kim Buccheri

Kimberly Sarah Photography


This secret special invitation expires at 11:59pm Eastern on Thursday, August 8th.

Since taking Nicole’s program our average order value has doubled!

If anyone knows how to run a VERY successful business, it’s Nicole. In fact, I frequently exclaim to my other half, “she’s a bloody genius!” I’m blown away by her seamless organization and understanding of the gazillion pieces required to make things tick. I considered myself to have a fair understanding of my business, then Nicole showed me there is so much more to learn. From client journey to number crunching, the tools she shared continue to help us every day. Even if you think you know everything you need to know – you will be surprised. I continue to be incredibly inspired by Nicole, and the continued support she has given me has been fantastic. 

Cat Race

CatsDog Photography

My life has changed significantly since taking this program.

I was running a part-time pet photography business for years, but was afraid to take the leap into full-time.  Thanks to many of the new business and photography skills that I have learned from Nicole, I’m finding work in places that I never knew existed!  I’m also booking sessions 3-4 months into the future.  Most importantly, I’m no longer working in a retail job with a challenging boss that had zero appreciation for my effort!

Craig Bullock


Still got questions?

I’ve got your answers!

Can I join anytime?

In order to focus all of our energy on serving the membership, enrollment will only open to the Hair of the Dog Academy a few times a year.  Your next chance to join will be late September 2019.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely!  You are free to leave the membership at any time.  Simply email support at and we can help you with anything you need….even an emergency chocolate martini recipe.  😉  If choosing an annual membership, your membership will auto-renew one year from your enrollment date.  If choosing a monthly membership, your membership payments will be debited on the same date each month.  Please note that we do not offer refunds for any payments already made, so please try to give us at least 72 hours notice to cancel your membership before your next billing date to ensure that it’s canceled before the next payment.  You can cancel at any time and you will continue to have access to the membership until your billing period expires.  No refunds will be granted for unused months on an annual membership or unused days on a monthly membership.  

What is the investment?

The monthly membership is $49/month USD.  If you like saving money, there is a yearly membership option of $390/year – which saves you 2 months of payments.  As well as a LIFETIME option of $1497 which gives you lifetime access to the membership and all three flagship programs – including any and all future updates and additions.

We’ve made the cost of the membership affordable for everyone.  Even at the lifetime option – one single new client can pay for that expense as many of our students start having four-figure (and multiple four-figure) sales after implementing the strategies in this membership.

How do I access the material?

All of the material lives inside of the Hair of the Dog Academy and it’s all available right NOW.  Simply log in from any device and start watching your videos.  Many of the videos are also available as an audio download allowing you to take a lesson on the road with you if you are going to be without data.  If there are worksheets or downloads that accompany a lesson, you will be able to access those in each individual lesson.  

How long do I have access to the material?

You will have access to the material for as long as you are a member in good standing.  If you choose to go with the lifetime option, then you have access to all of the current material AND all future material that will ever be created in the academy – forever!  #massivevalue

Will I get personalized support from Nicole?

While I’m not available on speed dial – I do offer group support throughout the membership in a variety of capacities.  

#1 is Office Hours, once a month I’ll do a live video conference where you can ask me anything. If you can, I recommend that you join us live on the call but if you can’t make the call, don’t worry, you’ll have access to the replay.  If you have a question, but you know you won’t be able to make the call due to commitments or time zone clashes, simply send through your questions ahead of time and I’ll answer them on the call. 

#2 is Laser Coaching, this is a chance to go deeper on a topic on a 15-minute 1:1 call with me.  Each call will be recorded and a new call will be released monthly in the membership.  While this is obviously insanely valuable for those on the laser coaching call – it’s also incredibly helpful for all members who take the 15-minutes to watch or listen to the coaching.  In my experience, I’ve learned just as much from listening to other people’s coaching calls in my mastermind than I have when I’m in the hot seat!

#3 is Critique Corner with Charlotte, once a month Charlotte Reeves will be providing feedback on all images submitted by members.  There is no better way to improve your skills as a photographer than to receive actionable feedback on your work from a knowledgable professional.

#4 is the Facebook Group, not only am I active in the group – but we will have 4 other coaches active in the group as well!  Charlotte Reeves for technical assistance, Heather Lahtinen for editing and productivity help, Megan Murray for photography business and operations help, and Tori Mistick to demystify Instagram for you.

Is the private Facebook group mandatory?

No. It is entirely up to you if you wish to join the Facebook group or not. However, if you do you’ll find this group to be an incredibly fun and supportive place to get feedback to your challenges, as well as kudos on your wins!  In addition to current members, we will have myself and 3 additional coaches to help you make progress.  It’s a great place to hangout, learn more, share your work, get feedback and lots of inspiration – why would you say no to that?!

I haven't started my business yet and I'm not sure if I want to. Should I sign up?

Yes absolutely! If you’re planning to start a business and just starting out, this is a great time to join because it allows you to start building your business for profits right out of the gate. It’s much easier to set the framework for your business up correctly from the beginning than to go out guns blazing and suddenly realize that you need to completely overhaul your entire business just two years in.  If you are an enthusiastic amateur and have no plans for a future business, the membership may still be worthwhile for you.  The monthly guest artist training, if sold on its own, is worth $79/month – and you will have access to the full Post-Processing for Pet Photographers Program – not to mention all of the support within the membership.  

I'm based outside of the United States, is this membership applicable to me?

Having taught these strategies to students from all over the globe – with incredible results – I can tell you this stuff works no matter where you live. There may be slight market tweaks that you’ll need to make, but that’s the case even throughout the US. There is only one short lesson that is most applicable to the students in the United States, and that is the one that talks about business formations and taxes. The rest of the membership has been successfully applied in the UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

And if you still have questions about the course please, get in touch!

I’m having four-figure sales at all of my ordering appointments and I put it down to finally learning how to price products profitably AND provide the best value I can to my clients. Thank you Business of Pet Photography!

Jessica Wasik

Bark and Gold Photography

This was the best investment I’ve ever made in my business. 

Having had my own business in a different industry for 7 years, I learned everything the hard way. So when I started my pet photography business and saw Nicole’s course, I didn’t hesitate to sign up! If I’d had a course like this the first time around I would have been far more profitable from the beginning. This course pays for itself over and over, it’s worth it for the pricing module alone! Nicole has a natural talent for teaching and simplifying things. There are so many online courses out there for photographers but there’s nothing that compares to this.

Cassandra Blanchard


Don’t forget that this special secret opportunity vanishes at 11:59pm Eastern on Thursday, August 8th.

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