The Business of Pet Photography

This is the ultimate business training for pet photographers.  You can be the best pet photographer in the whole world and still not make any money – but if you can produce technically correct and engaging images you can be quite profitable. The way you run your business is directly tied to revenue. Master the business of pet photography, and you’ll measure the results in real profits. 

Post-Processing for Pet Photographers

This course has been designed specifically for pet photographers and carefully curated to take you step-by-step through Lightroom and the most relevant aspects of Photoshop.  That means no more time wasted sifting through hours of tedious YouTube videos or combing through random blog posts that were created for portrait or wedding photographers.  Get ALL the info every pet photographer needs on tap, anytime.

Instagram for Pet Photographers

Instagram Strategy for pet photographers by Instagram expert, Tori Mistick.  Are you overwhelmed with trying to unlock an Instagram strategy for your business?  Do you post randomly and often think to yourself, does this really matter?  Are you often at a loss to even think about WHAT to post?  Do you want to start using your Instagram with intention and as a way to connect in your local market?  Instagram for Pet Photographers will show you how! 


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