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“There is nothing as comprehensive or specific to pet photography as The Business of Pet Photography.  I started earning 4-figure sales right out of the gate – there is power in this methodology” – Rick O.


“Taking this course alerted me to the fact that in addition to staring my pet photography business off on the right foot, I could also improve my people portrait business!  My sales for my human portraits went from $500-700 to well OVER $1000, including a $3,000 order – and my first dog photography order was $2,000!  Thank you Nicole!” – Amy J.

“I’ve been in business for two years and just niched down from general portrait photographer to pet photographer when I started this course.  The information on automation and the office hours have been so incredibly beneficial! ” – Krystal K.


“I was a newbie photographer when I started the course, but now I’ve been able to go full time with my pet photography!” – Jill F.


“My business is officially launching in November and I couldn’t have done it without The Business of Pet Photography.  I’m miles ahead of where I would have been on my own.” – Deb S.


“I don’t part with money very easily and it was a pretty tough decision when I was contemplating joining The Business of Pet Photography, however, it’s exceeded my expectations and I haven’t looked back!” – Shelley H.


“I love that I can continue to go back into the material.  This course has made such a huge difference with my pricing, products, and sales sessions!” – Kim B.


“After working with Nicole we went from 30 clients a month at a £350 average to 15 clients a month at an almost £2,000 average.  Thanks to the Business of Pet Photography we are working less and earning more! ” – Cat R.


“The Business of Pet Photography helped me take my in-person sales (IPS) to the next level!” – Julie G.


“I had no idea how to run a business before joining The Business of Pet Photography.  Honestly, just module one was worth the price of admission….let alone all of the other material!” – Niccola G.


“All I can say is if you are debating on signing up for this course – go for it – you won’t regret it!  I didn’t think a pet photography business was even possible.  I just started my business a few months ago and have had sales up to $2500!” – Tiffany W.


Are you ready to start earning more with your pet photography business?

Hurry though, enrollment closes on Thursday, March 7th….and won’t reopen until October 2019.