I get it.  Running a photography business is exhausting!  

Your attention is pulled in 8,000 different directions each day and you just aren’t sure which tasks will actually produce paying clients! 

You’re not alone.  However, please don’t fret, there is hope!  It is absolutely possible to design a business that allows you to work less and earn more.  A six-figure photography business is only 50 clients a year at a $2,000 average!  That is less than one client a week!

I’m Nicole and I have a passion for helping pet photographers create a life that is full of doggie kisses, clients that you want to meet for happy hour, and a steady paycheck in the bank.  After creating a six-figure photography business of my own in less than two short years, I realized how many talented photographers were struggling to get their business off the ground…even 4 or 5 years into their business. 

Nicole Begley, M.Photog.Cr.,CPP

This is me and my Puerto Rican wonder pup Zoey, rescued from drowning in a bucket of water at only 2 weeks old to being spoiled rotten at Hair of the Dog headquarters…except by Emma.  Emma the cat still does not fully approve.


I started Hair of the Dog as a way to help more photographers achieve abundance in their life and business.  If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, I can show you how.

There is a TON of free content on the blog.  In addition, I work with motivated photographers that are determined to make their business a success through online courses and workshops.  Are you ready to build a business that supports your dreams?


Stuffy formal bio for those of you that want to read it…

From animal trainer to animal photographer, Nicole Begley, M.Photog.Cr, CPP creates engaging imagery of pets and their people through her studio which was originally based in Pittsburgh, PA, and is currently located in Charlotte, NC.  Prior to starting Nicole Begley Photography in 2010, Nicole spent 13 years as a zoological animal trainer working with everything from free-flight birds to primates, and seals to aardvarks.  It’s through that work that she learned how to connect and engage with her furry clients.  Nicole also loves connecting with and mentoring other pet photographers to help them improve their craft and to define success on their own terms.  Which often means building a profitable business that supports the life that they want to live, not a business that takes over their life. She is absolutely honored to have had the opportunity to teach pet photographers from around the world at a number of domestic and international workshops.  A member of PPA since 2010, Nicole has earned her Master of Photography degree, her Photographic Craftsman degree, as well as her Certified Professional Photographer designation.  Her work has won several awards at local and district competition, as well as a three-time medalist in the International Print Competition.

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