Are you wanting to hold photography mini-sessions? Have you tried to offer them in the past but wound up exhausted and with little extra cash in your bank account? Are you concerned that mini-sessions will devalue your brand and cause your clients to chose those over full sessions?  Mini-Sessions in a Snap was created JUST FOR YOU!

This ultimate guide contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices to allow you to create profitable and successful mini-sessions for ANY genre of photography. 

This book has been created after many years of fine-tuning mini-session events and is finally available for everyone!



    Mini-Sessions in a Snap is a 37-page e-book that contains everything you could want to know about hosting photography mini-sessions, from planning to implementation.  We cover finding your partners, marketing your event, pricing and sales, creating collections, lighting tips and strategies for working with dogs, a detailed client workflow, and tips for applying these strategies to traditional mini-sessions.  

    "This guide is nothing short of incredible! Nicole covers every detail, every little aspect that's easy to forget if you're doing this on your own, especially if you're putting on an event for the first time. I personally hesitated before purchasing this guide, because I've done mini-sessions in the past, with some success - but this time I wanted higher & more consistent sales, more efficient marketing strategies, better back-end organization, less stress - and this guide accomplished all of those goals!

    I went from booking 10 time slots in my last mini-session event to 30 this time - and counting! And I'm excited to offer more mini-session events in the future, because when they're structured correctly (as Nicole spells out, in pages of details!) they're an excellent & fitting addition to my standard, premium services. I'm so glad I decided to buy this guide! Thank you so much, Nicole!" 

    Allison Shamrell - Allison Shamrell Photography

    The 3 Secrets to Successful Minis

    Creating a profitable photography event boils down to 3 key strategies; protect your time, mind the money, and keep it unique.  Mini-Sessions in a Snap dives deep into each of these three components offering you numerous ways to make your business work for you.  

    "I'm scared that I will devalue my full sessions and train my clients to wait for mini-sessions!"

    This is a legitimate fear, but only when planning mini-sessions without strict adherance to the 3 secrets to success mentioned above.  Instead of devaluing your brand, Mini-Sessions in a Snap will outline how to create sessions that add value to your brand!

    A Word From The Author

    “I love the business of running a photography business.  I also love teaching photographers how to run a profitable business that allows them to live an extraordinary life.  It's easier then you think.  While there is no magic potion for success, there are many straightforward strategies that will steer you down the path to success rather than the path to overwhelm.  That’s what this book is about. This book will teach mini-session best practices to photographers that are willing to roll up their sleeves and jump right in.”