You’ve got the passion, but your struggling to be profitable. 

Who are my clients?  How do I find them?  How on earth do I price my products?  Oh geez, now I need to sell them!

What you need is someone to walk you through the forest of overwhelm to help you come out on the other side.  A side in which your business supports a life in which you need to ask yourself, “Is this really my job?” pretty much every day.  I can help you do that.


The Hair of the Dog Retreat is 3 FULL days of all things pet photography art and business related.  Limited to a group of ONLY 6 pet photographers we have plenty of one-to-one time and the opportunity to dive deeply into YOUR unique business.  What will you learn?


  • Watch Nicole work a session from start to finish.
  • Discover how to make everyday locations into unique images.
  • Learn how to create variety in your pet photography session.
  • Lens choice, settings, and other important details will be discussed.
  • Learn how to read the light and find the light.
  • There will be three full sessions of shooting time, one with your very own model to run a shoot from start to finish with your new techniques.
  • Each participant will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Nicole.


  • Discover how to use Lightroom to cull and edit a session in 90 minutes or less.
  • Learn tips for managing color and creating cleanly edited and vibrant images.
  • Learn how to remove leashes and distractions in Photoshop, including fixing martingale collars.
  • Review details for quick and easy head swaps and merges in Photoshop.
  • Create a file management workflow, including a back-up plan.


  • Marketing plans, with and without a budget.
  • How to make connections with other businesses, created especially for introverts!
  • Automate your workflow and create systems.
  • Press Releases:  How to use them and ready to go samples!
  • The full client workflow, from inquiry to referral.
  • Pricing for PROFIT, COGS is not a four-letter word!
  • How to start in-person sales with any budget.
  • The sales breakdown.  There are many steps to the sales process and it starts before the client even contacts you.
  • Overcoming objections and closing the sale.


  • A private Facebook page and continued support as questions develop when putting your new knowledge into action.
  • Lunch and dinner each day during the retreat is included in your registration, and it will be DELICIOUS!

Details please!

  • The Hair of the Dog Retreat will be held in a lovely boutique hotel in Pittsburgh, PA on Friday, September 30th through Sunday, October 2nd, 2016.   This retreat is currently SOLD OUT!
  • Full registration is $1750.  Receive a $100 discount when paying in full and another $100 discount if registering before August 1st. 
  • Registration opens right here on Wednesday, June 22nd at 11 AM EST – it is currently SOLD OUT.
  • I’m so proud that every person that has attended the first three Hair of the Dog Retreats would recommend the experience to a friend.  If you would like to speak to a previous attendee, just let me know!
  • Save the date!  The next retreat will be held in gorgeous Breckenridge, Colorado on May 18-21….with a super secret west coast special teacher guest!  Sign up below to be notified of details as they become available.

Thank you so much for helping me set up for success.   I just finished my first ordering appointment, and sold $1,800!  It was a mini-session client too!  My costs of good sold were around 17% to boot, yeah numbers! …..and then….. A little update, #2 in the books at $3,000!  I was headed down a shoot-and-burn path until you steered me towards more money for less work.

Megan Murray

Megan Murray Photography


Private photography mentoring is catered specifically to you and your business.  We will work together to determine which areas of your business need the most attention and focus our energy there.  We will then create a solid action plan and get you marching in the direction of your dream business.  You can also mentor with a friend for twice the fun, I highly recommend you are both at the same experience level though. 

An example of some of the topics that we can cover during our time together include…

  • Photography – Managing dogs and owners during the shoot, finding unique session locations in boring surroundings, natural light, off-camera lighting on-location,  studio lighting and shooting
  • Post-Processing – Lightroom and Photoshop techniques, file handling workflow, leash removals, color management, merging and swapping images
  • Your Branding – Website critique, portfolio review, marketing piece critique, discovering your style, creating a cohesive brand for your business
  • Pricing and Sale – How to price profitably, different pricing strategies, creating a pricing menu that is specific to your business, sales strategies that aren’t slimy
  • Client Experience  Create an experience that knocks the socks off of your clients, from inquiry to delivery.
  • Workflow – Save time and enjoy more of your life, create systems for your business, how to set up your client workflow in a way that will lead to higher sales
  • Marketing – How to find your best clients, working with other businesses by co-marketing, utilizing auctions to market your business, charitable marketing ideas, create a custom marketing calendar for your next 6-12 months.

Mentoring sessions are available in Pittsburgh, PA year-round, although I do recommend you stay away from the winter months unless you want to stick in the studio!

  • Two Day 1:1 mentoring $1,750 or Two Day 2:1 mentoring $1,350
  • One Day 1:1 mentoring $975 or One Day 2:1 mentoring $750

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