The only post-processing class created exclusively for pet photographers!

Lightroom Library

The Library Module is what makes Lightroom such a powerful ally in your business, however, the majority of photographers don’t use it properly.  We teach you everything you need to know to set your Lightroom Catalogs up for success and how to utilize this incredible tool.

Lightroom Develop

Harnessing the power of the Lightroom Develop Module is the key to quick post-processing.  Learn how all of the tools within this module work together to create a streamlined editing process.


Photoshop is a beast and one of the biggest challenges for new photographers is knowing what is important to learn and what isn’t.  In this module, we will show you exactly what you need to know for common pet photography editing, and nothing that you don’t.


This course shows you a variety of options to allow you to create your own workflow, however, it can be helpful to see exactly how other people are using the tools.  Nicole Begley, from Hair of the Dog, will walk you through her full workflow from import, to global editing in Lightroom, and final editing in Photoshop.

Behind the Screen

Lightroom and Photoshop are fundamental tools in any photographer’s toolkit, they are also exceptionally overwhelming.  We understand your frustration, we have been there!  We have created this course for you…to learn how to use these tools quickly and efficiently.

Nicole Begley

Nicole Begley

Founder of Hair of the Dog and Nicole Begley Photography

Addicted to travel and chocolate martinis, Nicole is an international award-winning pet photographer, having received a Photographer of the Year designation from Professional Photographers of America for several years in a row.  She has also earned the title of Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), a peer-reviewed certification.  Her work specializes in creating expressive images of pets and their people throughout Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, as well as teaching pet photographers throughout the globe. 

Prior to starting Nicole Begley Photography in 2010, Nicole spent 13 years as a zoological animal trainer working with everything from free-flight birds to primates, and seals to aardvarks.  She shares her home with her husband Brett, two small humans, and her Puerto Rican rescue dog Zoey.  Oh yes, she is also chief of staff to Emma the cat.

Heather Lahtinen

Heather Lahtinen

Founder of Flourish Academy and Weddings by Heather

As an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, Heather has been teaching and instructing photographers in both Lightroom and Photoshop for over a decade. She has vast experience and knowledge that spans more than just post processing, she is also a business coach and trusted mentor in the industry.
Heather is driven by an overwhelming desire to see others succeed and, as a result, her workshops do more than just instruct, they inspire.

Watch a sample lesson now.

Meet Evelyn, the gorgeous and spunky chicken, while Heather shares one of many ways to use the adjustment brush within Lightroom.

What does the course include?

The focus of this course is to give you exactly what you need to create incredible pet images with an efficient workflow.  No more, no less.

We go deeply into the details of Lightroom because that program was designed with photographers in mind.  The Library and Develop modules are incredibly powerful and it is imperative that you know how the tools within them work in order to utilize Lightroom to its full potential.

Photoshop, on the other hand, was created for a variety of digital artists.  As pet photographers, we only really use 5-10% of the power of this program.  That is what we focus on in this course.  The 5-10% that will get you immediate results in creating your artwork.

Over 90 Video Lessons

The majority of the videos are only 3-5 minutes in length, allowing you to easily digest and implement your new skills.  We believe that consistency leads to efficiency.  Simply practice these new techniques and speed up your workflow by leaps and bounds.

Exercise Files

Exercise files are included with this course, allowing you to work on the exact image used in each video.  This is a powerful way to perfect the techniques before applying them to your own images.

Actions & Presets

A variety of Photoshop actions and Lightroom presents are included inside this course.  They allow you to brighten and sharpen eyes, remove blue fur, tone down overly green foliage, and much more…

Private Facebook Group

All course participants will have access to private Facebook group where you can ask questions and post your images for feedback from Nicole and Heather.

BONUS – Introduction to the Wacom tablet 

In this special bonus video series, Heather takes you from the benefits of a tablet and choosing a tablet…all the way through installing, using, and programming custom functions.  Tablets allow you to work more efficiently and prevent the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. Most photographers can’t imagine ever going back from their tablet once they get used to it!

BONUS – create a no-fail backup strategy

Data loss happens, but it doesn’t have to happen to you.  This special in-depth training is included in Post-Processing for Pet Photographer to help you create a backup solution that works for you.  We will discuss what you need to ensure you have covered, the different solutions that are available, and walk you through the details of each of our systems.  Our goal is to make it a minor inconvenience when data loss happens to you, not a major catastrophe.

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Please note that this purchase is subject to a 7% sales tax for Pennsylvania residents only.  This will be billed to you separately after your purchase.

get immediate access to 90+ videos targeting EXACTLY what you need to know as a pet photographer. 

We have purposely created this class to take you step-by-step through Lightroom and the applicable parts of Photoshop.  Stop sifting through YouTube videos or training classes that were created for portrait or wedding photographers and just go straight to the information that pertains to you, the pet photographer.

I am beyond happy with Post-Processing for Pet Photographers!  I was sort of on the fence about purchasing the class because I have a Lightroom book and I’ve watched several tutorials on YouTube.  I really thought that I was learning a lot using those resources, but after watching JUST THE LIGHTROOM LIBRARY MODULE I realized how much I was really missing!  I didn’t realize how many functions the Library mode has…much less knew how to use them.  I could have continued learning bits and pieces from these different resources, but that method can leave you bumping around in the dark, not really knowing what you are missing.

Thanks to the way that this class is laid out and how Heather goes over all of the details in such an organized, step-by-step manner…it has really hit home with me.  Not to mention being able to rewatch videos and follow along in another window has allowed me to put everything into action IMMEDIATELY!  Thanks to Heather and Nicole, I’m really working smarter…and not harder!

Kathleen Bowden

“Both professionally and personally, Heather completely changed my life.  Heather’s Lightroom classes and what I learned blew me away.  I was able to cut my editing time in half!  What did this mean to my business?  I was finally making money!   This was eye opening. How could I possibly be profitable in my business when I was spending countless hours editing photos?  I was now able to use this additional time to work on other aspects of my business.  What did this mean to my life at home?  I was able to create a schedule that worked for myself and my family. I have the confidence to say that I have been successful and continue to be and that is because of Heather.”
Mandy Brisco

Amanda Brisco Photography

Who is this class right for?

Photographers wanting to create a consistent look with their editing…

So many sliders?!? This course covers every nook and cranny within the Lightoom program and will allow you to quickly and easily edit your images while creating the consistent look that you crave.

Photographers looking to save time when editing…

Lightroom was created specifically for photographers….and it is powerful!  The Library Module is where so many photographers initially go astray when setting up their Lightroom catalog.  We will break down the most effective way to harness the power of Lightroom and help you take your workflow supersonic.

Any pet photographer that is overwhelmed by Photoshop…

Photoshop is a monstrosity of a program, a program that we may only use 5-10% of as a pet photographer.  The challenge is that we don’t really know what 5-10% we need so it’s so hard to learn!  We breakdown the basics of Photoshop and demonstrate the most commonly used tools needed to tackle common pet editing challenges.

Photographers looking for tricks to improve their pet photography sessions….

Veteran pet photographers have quite a few tricks up their sleeves to consistently create engaging images of a variety of pet personalities.  This course will show you how to photograph two dogs separately and then merge them into one image, use two images to keep both dogs tack sharp in a group photo, fix martingale collars that are defying gravity, along with many other techniques.

I absolutely LOVE Post-Processing for Pet Photography.  Being fairly new to Lightroom and Photoshop, I initially thought that $297 was a big investment for the course as a hobbyist, but as I look back it was well worth it!  I love to have Lightroom open on my iMac and have PP4PP running on my iPad while working through the material!  Even though there are many editing tutorials on YouTube, I’ve never seen the attention to detail in those videos.  It’s also so helpful to have everything I need in ONE resource.   Nicole and Heather do an excellent job balancing the course between learning the details of these programs and the specific nuances of pet photography.  In my humble opinion, Heather as a teacher is head and shoulders above any source I’ve seen on YouTube.  I’m so excited to keep practicing my craft and being introduced to new challenges, so I’m thrilled to have lifetime access to this course.  I recommend PP4PP without hesitation! 

Shelley Sherbondy

I have to rave about Post Processing for Pet Photographers! I already had a fairly defined editing style and considered my Lightroom and Photoshop skills to be in the intermediate level, so I was a little concerned how much I would take away from the course. I was pleasantly surprised!

Not only did I have a few “a ha!” moments and learn new techniques, I had several “facepalm” moments over things I could have been doing so much easier and more efficiently all along. I’ve spent hours and hours doing classes on other sites and in person, and this was the perfect consolidation of all the techniques that are most pertinent to pet photography. Everything you didn’t even know you need, none of the distractions over things you don’t!

Robyn Pope

No risk, money back guarantee

We understand that deciding to enroll into an online course is a big decision.  Will it actually benefit me?  Will it be information that I need?  Is it taught in a way that is easy to understand?  What is I don’t really learn anything in the class?  These are all valid concerns and why Heather and I have decided to let you lift the lid on Post-Processing for Pet Photographers for 7 full days.  You can get in there, watch some lessons, check out all of the modules and make sure you jive with our teaching style.  If you don’t, simply request a full refund.  Easy peasy.  You really have nothing to lose…..except all of that time that you spend tied to your computer editing.

This class includes lifetime access to these files, including any future updates!

Please note that this purchase is subject to a 7% sales tax for Pennsylvania residents only.  This will be billed to you separately after your purchase.

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