Welcome to PP4PP!

Heather and I are SO excited that you have joined Post-Processing for Pet Photographers!  It’s a course filled with everything that you need to know, and nothing that you don’t. All while being focused on the specific needs of editing photographs of furry (or feathery) faces.

I wanted to let you know what happens now….

  • You will receive an email from Hair of the Dog Academy with your sign-in details.
  • Please bookmark the login page and save your sign-in details. You can change your password to something more memorable once inside the member area.
  • Go through the course at your own pace! We know your time is valuable so we created each lesson to be only 3-5 minutes in length, generally. There are a handful of videos that are a bit longer though.
  • While you do have lifetime access to this material, it’s important that you keep taking steps forward. It’s all too easy to let an online course sit and gather dust. Make a commitment to go through one lesson a day, it’s only a few minutes!

The biggest piece of advice for you is to go through the course sequentially, starting with the Lightroom Library Module.

Enjoy!  🙂